EMSAR Biomedical Services

Medical Device Tracking & Asset Management

EBS offers a technology solution that will automate and simplify a healthcare facilities process for tracking assets, inventory, tools, and general office equipment. Using hand-held PDAs computers and bar code technology, the systems create paperless solutions and eliminate handwritten performance assurance test results. Using the bar code assigned to an individual item, the system instantly tracks the movement and status of each item for our clients as well as alert them when certain required action is needed. Information such as item location, user status, and educational requirements is easily documented improving productivity, safety and accountability which are easily assessable over the internet.

Our equipment management software also provides customers with a systematic approach to quality control and risk management. Hazard alerts and manufacture recalls are easily identified so that users may be notified promptly of any impending device warnings. It also offers internet work requests as well as facilities management. EBS is constantly working to begin the latest technology solutions to deliver real-time solution to its clients.

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