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 Technical Staffing

Whether needed for one day, one week, or one year, all EBS staff embraces a high level of professionalism and integrity. Sometimes healthcare facilities need a boost of competent, qualified team members (i.e. BMETs, imaging engineers and specialists). EBS provides short term, long term and permanent staffing solutions to accommodate work-force fluctuations. Whether you need help covering an absent employee, augmenting your in-house technical skills, catching up on a backlog of maintenance, or an extra hand for special intermittent projects, we provide essential technical staff to help you through. Our flexible staffing solutions easily adapt to changes in patient census and prevent the need to increase FTEs.

Technical Staffing Solutions

  • Temporary technical staffing options

  • Short and long term assignments 

  • Supplemental, complementary and complete outsourcing solutions

  • All types and abilities of BMET's, imaging engineers, specialists

 Qualified and Experienced Technicians

  • EBS technicians are OEM qualified to assist healthcare and research facilities with a variety of staffing needs.

  • Our technicians have extensive experience working with, and working on, Biomedical, Diagnostic Imaging, Scientific and Research equipment as well as fulfilling administrative functions.

  • EBS staffing solutions respond to each facility's need for a professional and effective healthcare equipment service team. Let us help you maintain a high-level staff.

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